John Luknar

Fitness Trainer

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Acceptance of change is challenging… we all know that. Going to the gym regularly is not easy. Following a meal plan requires determination and consistency. As a coach, I know and understand that my main role is to provide continuous support during difficult times to each client. My goal is to inspire and empower everyone on their journey to achieve their goals.


Thinking and doing it in the moment is the key to real change ! I personally know how hard it is to make a change, in anything that is meant to move you, to maintain a healthy routine. That’s why I make all my plans to be efficient and effective, to help save time over thinking as much as possible, Am I doing it right ?


When we don’t make a plan, we are essentially setting the stage for failure. Think about a road trip… if a clear plan is not laid out, there’s a high chance you’ll get lost! I collaborate with my clients to create and shape a unique plan that assists them in achieving their goals and dispelling the insecurity that comparison breeds in our minds!

About Me

On my journey, I have gone through different stages of life and achieved different goals such as Football was more than just a game for me. It was a way for me to discover my physical and mental strength. Through years of training on the field, I learned not only team spirit and cooperation, but also the determination to overcome obstacles. My experiences on the field have encouraged me to seek a balance between exercise and eating well off the soccer field.

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Meal & training plan

Strive for Progress, Not Perfection

Remember, the important thing is dedication to becoming better every day, not the search for unattainable perfection.


After submitting your plan, I will contact you within 2 hours.

From receipt of payment I have 3-5 days to develop a plan.

No, each month is different. This will involve an increase in how much weight you lift, change of exercise variations, and changes in your diet that are constantly updated as your body changes.

The exercises are completely customized according to your needs and objectives. Whether you’re a gym novice or an experienced enthusiast, I’ll create a personalized plan that suits you.

We have the flexibility to customize the plan for you to carry out in the comfort of your own home, if you prefer. All that’s required are some weights or dumbbells. Simply indicate your preference for home-based workouts when filling out the setup form.

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